“Christiana is a very intelligent, highly principled and magnificently talented and hard-working model who will collaborate with superior photographers to create art of the very highest caliber. When you collaborate with Christiana you can expect a product that is more than just the sum of its parts – that is what a true artistic collaboration is all about.”
Robert McAlpine
Photographer, Ottawa

“Having known and worked with Christiana for over a three years, I love to create amazing photos of her. What’s so special about Christiana is that her years of incredibly deep industry knowledge, experience and connections are balanced with true passion.”
Steve Tran
Photographer, Gatineau

“Being a tall model myself, I was surprised to find it so difficult to find another tall model to pose with. After a year or so of searching, I met Christiana. We clicked right away, specifically because I was so refreshed with how business oriented she was, while most of the other models I had met were concerned with how pretty they looked. Christiana knows business. Shortly after meeting, we set off on our first tour together, which quickly turned into multiple throughout Ontario, Quebec, and New York state. Her professionalism is of the highest quality, especially with her communication. As for my experience of posing with her – I’ve always had a fantastic time. Christiana is both well equipped on very pretty, and artistic poses – along with thinking outside of the box and experimenting with poses that might not be pretty at all – which in some cases (and in my opinion) is the entire point. She is a fantastic model, and if you are considering booking her – you should do yourself a favour and just do it.”
Model, Brantford

“Christiana Ouellette is great to work with. She has fabulous hair which is easy to create up dues. She is flexible and kind.”
Tracy Mellon
Hairstylist, Ottawa

“Christiana is a professional, reliable and no-drama model. Fun to work with.”
Photographer, Ottawa

“Christiana Ouellette is as pleasant and cooperative as she is a singular and surpassing talent. Professional in every way, Christiana’s beauty and thoughtful posing yield images that are evocative and memorable.” 
David Verzi
The Warren Communications, Stephentown, New York

“Though I have only worked with Christiana once, I can attest that she takes a great interest in assuring that your images will be beautiful and memorable. Her communication skill before and after the shoot is outstanding. When she arrives to work with you, rest assured that she will bring her vast skillset with her.”
Ian Harris
Photographer, Listowel

“Christiana is one of the best models I have had for my workshops. She can pose on her own, and easily accepts direction. All the photographers in attendence have been very happy with the results. Highly recommended.”
Stephen Dawson
Photographer, Toronto

“I’ve worked with many models over the years hosting workshops and Christiana has been a stand out for me for sure. She’s professional, always up for a challenge and knows how to move in front of the camera. Whenever she’s in town, I love working with her and would highly recommend her for any number of job types.”
Provocateur Images, Toronto

“I had the opportunity to work with Christiana a couple of times and was thrilled with the results. Together we created some beautiful artistic images that I’m proud to have as part of my portfolio. She is a talented model that takes direction and adds her own creative input to produce great poses. Christiana is very professional, reliable and committed to the success of the photo shoot. Highly recommended.”
Photographer, Toronto

“As a photographer I found Christiana to be personable, professional, ready with her own poses and yet quite willing to accept requests or suggestions, totally comfortable before the camera. After the shoot dealing with the proofs and edits, Christiana was a prompt and responsive communicator. And as you can see from her photographs, Christiana is a versatile, gorgeous, flaming red headed beauty!”
Michael Nash
Photographer, Hamilton

“Christiana is a professional and reliable model. Natural in posing and easy to work with. We did an outdoor shoot in a stormy rainy day and she never complained. We created amazing images. Highly recommended!”
Hayward Lam
Photographer, Ottawa

“Christiana Ouellette and I have worked together a handful of times and she is one of those models who’s seen and done it all. She never lowers her morals or standards. She’s stays professional at all times. She is extremely easy to work with and knows how to pose, even when very little direction is given, she can fill in the blanks to give you the result you are after. She is ultra dependable and has a perfect track record of being punctual. When you’re looking to avoid negative surprises or drama from a model, Christiana is “tried and true” and always delivers without any of the negative side effects you may encounter with other models in the business.”
Patrick Arial
Photographer, Ottawa

“I enjoyed working with Christiana very much she is talented, intelligent and very pretty and has great initiative!”
Vincenzo Pontarelli
Photographer, Montreal

“There are a lot of lovely young women who will stand under the lights for money. A professional model is much more. Knowledge of posing, how light and shadow effect the form and capturing the mood and emotion within the scope of the project are much more demanding. I have had the pleasure of working with Christiana a number of times. She brings a wealth of experience, a light heart and a willingness to lend her expertise to each proposed theme. Whether as a solo or in a duet, Christiana brings a flair and sense of excitement that is contagious for all participants. I have asked Christiana to work under difficult conditions and she has not only agreed but has thrived on the challenge. Working with any professional model will help you take your work to the next level and Christiana is one of the best.” https://www.iandaltonphoto.com/p883872695 https://www.iandaltonphoto.com/
Ian Dalton
Photographer, Ottawa

“I had the pleasure of photographing Christiana during a creative mermaid shoot with a few other photographers. She was thoroughly in character and knew exactly how to pose. The water was cold, but she never complained, and when a few of the other photographers asked her to go deeper into the water to get the shot they wanted, she didn’t hesitate. She took direction well and was quite professional.”
Raventhorne Photography, Gatineau

“I had an opportunity to work with Christiana on a shoot project about 4 years ago. She struck me as a stunningly beautiful young lady with a positive vibe, essential for easy collaboration. We became Facebook friends and I followed her since, only to be more amazed by her ability to juggle multiple tasks under pressure but with desirable results. She was then studying at Carleton University, working on a part time job, and managing her own modelling business, all of which requires dedication, commitment and professionalism for quality work. I think she did it!”
Bing Wen
Photographer, Ottawa

“I had a good time working with Christiana. She was very easy to work with and came prepared. She did a wonderful job at the workshop and had a variety of poses for the group. She was very responsive to my messages throughout the entire process and I know she’s capable of getting the job done.”
#ManhattanPhotographyWorkshop, NYC

“There she was on my doorstep – a red-headed beauty ready for anything. I had a pretty agressive schedule with 4 activities planned. First off I got out my trusty airbrush and before you know it black skulls and snakes covered her pretty much head to toe. Then we added a collar with a big chain. It turned out pretty cool. Haha Next up was Shibari. I have this neat rope that glows under UV light so we made a simple chest harness and turned on the black light and lit her up. Skulls, snakes, and now rope!! Too much fun! So lets talk a bit about Christiana as I worked with her. I believe in a lot of communication and Christiana was very clear with what she was comfortable with. Super easy-going and personable, easy to talk to and accomodating. Christana knows how to pose which was a real treat. This is a smart girl as well making it easy to chit-chat and the time just flew by. Every girl loves glitter so hey! We went for it and made an outfit of pink and gold glitter. Black electrical marked boundaries on her body for nice clean transitions from skin to glitter for the V-neck top. I used hair gel to make the glitter stick so obviously this was a monstrous mess. Christiana just laughed and smiled as I worked away. Our foray into wax was the final project of the day. I melted spa wax (super safe with a low melting point) and colored it. Then I dripped it all over her making cool patterns. Then we took a large sheet of it and strategically draped it over her. Ya! Fun x 1000!! 4 projects and 10 hours later, Christiana was still happy, personable, and easy going. If you are looking for a beautiful smart model with great stamina and social skills then I have no problem recommending Christiana.”
Jeffrey Larose
Photographer and Artist, Ottawa

“Although I’ve worked only once with Christiana, I have to say it was a pleasant experience. Christiana is a professional and shows up willing to give it her all!”
Wendy Stevenson 

Photographer, North Grenville

“I worked with Christiana a few years ago in a workshop. She was modeling for a few of us photographers. Christiana was great to work with. She is very friendly and responsive. She took direction very well, and she didn’t need much coaching which makes it easy for us photographers. She has a great look. Highly recommended. www.focusonottawa.com
Stephen Lanthier
Photographer, Ottawa

“It’s always a great pleasure to work with Christiana. She is very open to ideas and loves to experiment with concepts. She is very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend her and look forward to doing more projects with her!”
Gordon Fischer
Photographer, Montreal

“Christiana is one dedicated and very professional model. Her attitude has been topnotch. She’s always on time and definitely loves to make sure that the photographer gets the shots he/she needed. This lovely model definitely is worth hiring for your next creative shoot.”
J. Carlo
Photographer, UTah

“Christiana Ouellette has modeled for projects for my company for going on two years. Her attentiveness to providing corporate branding while using innovative original ideas is the reason why I will continue to seek her as a commercial model, art model and brand ambassador. This industry demands the creation of good work in a very small amount of time. You need a model that can identify your vision and reflect the best image your creative team can execute. This international model and producer brings professionalism, style, grace and that “wow-factor” to your project. Christiana is a perfect addition to any creative team and will turn your ordinary vision into extraordinary art!”
Franklin DeWar 

Producer and Cinematographer Big Island Promotions, Ohio

“I have had the pleasure of working with Christiana on a few occassions. I have found her to be a consumate professional. She can carry off just about any concept you can dream up. She has an excellent repetoire of poses that she uses effectively for the theme of the shoot. I would highly recommend Christiana for any level of photographer, her ability to help the beginner through a shoot is a blessing right up to the professional who knows what they want to see as a finished product.”
D.J. Clarke
Photographer, Ottawa

“I’ve worked with Christiana 3 times with a group of photographers and twice by myself. I’ve found her attitude to be very professional; she arrives on time, is congenial and easy to work with, and is very good with creative ideas for posing. Not always the case with some models, or would be models I’ve worked with in the past.”
Dave Grant 

Photographer, Ottawa

“I’ve worked with Christiana on several shoots. She is great to work with. She is professional, organized and punctual. She is open to creative ideas and adventurous. I’m pleased with the images that we’ve created together and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to shoot with her.”
Paul Thompson
Photographer, Ottawa

“I only had the chance to work with Christiana once, recently. She was recommended by another model I know. Coming from her peer, this is especially meaningful. I’m glad I followed up on this advice. Christiana is an enthusiastic and versatile professional. She was well-prepared, attentive to details and communicative throughout the photoshoot. She is receptive, uncomplicated to work with, taking initiative to vary poses and adapting a concept with minimal instructions. All in all, Christiana is a very nice, friendly and courteous person, proficient in all aspects of modelling, passionate and talented about her art. I would work with her again with no hesitation. Highly recommended.”
Photographer, Montreal

“Christiana is quite simply a wonderful photographic subject. Working with her is as easy as it is rewarding. Her ability to pose and emote is first rate. However even more importantly her personal sense of style and self combine to create an incredible photographic subject. Every look we shot, every image we created Christiana posed both boldly and openly, owning whatever pose I asked her to create and then taking over and expanding upon what I had asked for. Christiana is an ideal model.”
Photographer, Syracuse

“Have worked with Christiana on a couple of outdoor shoots. On both occasions she was fantastic to work with, didn’t complain about the weather and had an extremely positive perspective on the shoot. She is a highly focused, hard-working model who is very easy to work with. She’ll collaborate with you to capture the images you were envisioning and offers constructive ideas. She has a fun personality and definitely someone you should work with on your next photoshoot”
Ron Fillier
Photographer, Calgary, Alberta

“I have worked with Christiana for almost six years. She is a model of the highest caliber and makes every shoot a joy. She collaborates well and complements any themed shoot. She is always the consummate professional.”
Don Barrett
Photographer, Ottawa

“I have collaborated with Christiana several times and have found her to be professional and reliable. As a photographer, I tend to keep direction to a minimum, so it’s great to work with someone who can pose themselves in a way that is striking and emotive. My photo shoots with Christiana have been enjoyable and very productive.”
Jeremiah Sabadoz
Photographer, Burlington

“I have worked with Christiana for several projects over the years and she never ceases to amaze me. She is fabulous to work with, and always very professional and passionate. I tend to shoot film and she is very patient with setups, and I always get great shots. Christiana is always great to collaborate with, and I highly recommend her.”
Brian Copeland
Photographer, Hamilton

“Christiana is a beautiful model to work with. She takes direction well and gives her full attention to detail. She comes prepared and is punctual.”
Denine Wrixon
Photography Program, Co-ordinator, Algonquin College, Ottawa

“I had the pleasure of working with this young lady. She never complained to me and was always obliging as to the poses I needed. Of course I asked her first if it was alright with her and to contribute any input she might have have to the shot. She is very prompt and likewise well mannered. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants especially to shoot fine art nudes. I particularly appreciated her feedback here. She would be an asset to anyone’s portfolio.”
Robert Mitchell
Photographer, Surrey

“Since 2014 Christiana and I have shoot together at least 30 times. She has been a regular at my many workshops and an amazing muse. We covered so many styles, including Glamour, Fashion, Editorial, Art Nude, Boudoir, Cosplay, Pin-up, Swimwear and Bridal. She is super entrepreneurial often suggesting fun and creative themes for new workshops. This not only netted her some tidy profits but made her a highly recognized and sought-after model in Ottawa. Many of our images were published in a variety of magazines and her list credits include feature articles and covers. Seeking to go even further we chatted about options and she agreed to expand her success to other cities and venues. It is wonderful to see how she has continuously spread her wings. From a local agency model, to a well-travelled self-managed artist. She consistently has been dependable, reliable and professional. All the while, remaining beautiful and creative. For the longest time, she was making many of her own props and wardrobe, styling shoots and now is also branching out to photography. I have no hesitation recommending Christiana to anyone seeking to collaborate on either side of the camera.”
Mike Giovinazzo
Photographer and Workshop Organizer for #OttawaPhotographyMeetup, Ottawa

“I’ve had the pleasure of working on several occasions with Christiana over the last 5 years. Together we have completed many styles of photography: nudes, boudoir, fashion, cosplay, and swimsuit. She is always personable and very professional. She is always on time and ready to go (hair and makeup always impeccable). Christiana’s extensive modeling experience makes working with her easy. She knows how to pose and requires little guidance. You can tell that she enjoys modeling, she takes her role seriously while having fun. She always seeks to deliver on the photographer’s vision. Largely through the efforts of Christiana a number of the photos we have produces have been publish in a magazines. You can view photos I’ve taken of Christiana on my flickr site http://bit.ly/2R8Kf8E. I look forward to more projects with her. She has my highest recommendation.”
Pierre Gautreau
Photographer, Ottawa

“Christiana is a very professional model. Even in rough weather conditions, she did her best to achieve great results. In her own words : She is a tough cookie! I’ll gladly work again with her, she is very ponctual, organised and she cares that I get the best results from our project.”
Photographer, Quebec City

“Christiana is a model I’d highly recommend to anyone. She’s beautiful, has great poses, a unique look, and best of all she’s a very professional, sweet, and friendly person. Jump at the chance to work with her if you get it!”
Todd Follett
Theseus Photography, Boston

“I know professionally Christiana Ouellette for many years. Worked with her on fashion shows and commercial projects. And on every shoot, Christiana shows only positivity, commitment to the results and professionalism. Would recommend Christiana to anyone who is looking for a reliable and hard working model.”
Anatoli Sviajine 

Photographer, Ottawa

“I have worked with Christiana 3 times and each time she has exceeded my expectations. Easy to work with, shows up on time and takes directions very well. She has a great passion for modelling and is ready to explore alternative ideas. Christiana will colaborate with you to create great images. I would highly recommend her to any photographer.”
Ron Wing
(onthebeachphoto), Niagara Falls

“I met Christiana in June of 2017 when she was doing a duo photo shoot with a mutual friend Starla. Since then I have been privileged to have worked with her two other times and we have plans to shoot again this year! I don’t know what others might think about my photography, but I know what I like and Christiana always delivers! Her talent and beauty are only surpassed by her personality!”
Nuance Photography, Brantford

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christiana Ouellette on several occasions. She is an amazing model with beauty and talent galore. Christiana is extremely professional, dedicated, energetic, and immensely creative. She exuberates poise and beauty in the studio, as well as in rustic outdoor locations. Christiana is a very positive individual, always friendly and helpful to others, and works well with little direction. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the near future.”
Alexander J Bordeaux 

Photography & Digital Arts, Ottawa

“Christiana participated in a project I’ve been working on for several years. In that time I’ve worked with some of the top traveling models around, and Christiana stacks up well against them all. She has a great, and unique, look and and knows how to work her body for the camera. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and gives 100% from start to finish. I can’t recommend her enough.” 
Rob Grien
Mont Vert Studio, West Stockbridge

“I had the pleasure of working with Christiana on her visit to Calgary in September of 2018. She is talented in many ways but there were two things that truly impressed me. First, her patience. I was having technical issues and she kept her composure and poses while I worked through them. I would not have shot the quality images I did without her calm demeanor. Second, Christiana is able to move naturally, comfortable, relaxed, poses with little or no direction, she knew how the light was hitting her body, where the shadows were and how to keep the light on her where I wanted without direction. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her next time she travels through.”
On The Road Photography, Calgary

“I’ve had the chance to work with Christiana several times in the past and again recently – in workshops, one-on-one and with another model in a duo. During the shoot Christiana is always outgoing, creative and collaborated extremely well working through poses and wardrobe. She is sweet, fun-loving, talented, easy to work with and extremely friendly. Her modelling experience was evident and I would work with her again anytime.”
SGD Photography, Buffalo

“I have worked with Christiana a few times and found that she is very professional, friendly, passionnait, and very knowledgable in the work she does. She really shows her talent when posing and even has great ideas as to what will look good. I would recommend her to anyone. 
Alain Dagenais 

Photographer, Gatineau

“I was fortunate to have gotten in contact with Christiana while she was traveling through my city. We met shortly before our shoot and from our conversation I could already tell she was a real pro while also very friendly. Our shoot proved she was that and more. My purpose for working with her was to submit work for publication on online magazines. Christiana was knowledgeable and versatile, plus we had a lot of fun creating together, and our work reflected these qualities. My first submission of our images was immediately accepted and published on Dekan magazine, with a couple more sets on the pipeline. This success is due mostly to Christiana’s talent and professionalism. Not only is she an experienced model, she is also a great person with whom I hope to work again.”
Josh Pine
Faces & Places Photography, Salt Lake City

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Christiana several times on her west coast visits. We’ve worked on many outdoor / beach projects both with her as a solo artist and with friends. Can’t wait to see what 2019 holds in store !! “
Mike Shasko
Photographer, Victoria

“Truly one of my favorite models to work with. Christiana comes to my sessions prepared. What strikes me about her is she is passionate about her craft and it shows in the images that we create together. She is professional, friendly and has a good sense of humor. When she does travel to my area again I will contact her again.”
Raymond Wong
Photographer, Edmonton

“Christiana and I worked 1 time together. I enjoy shooting her, as she is very talented and professional. She doesn’t need to be directed. She arrives at the shoot already prepared, which is a plus… I highly recommend her !“
Maurice Jarry
Tallmo Photos, Montreal

“I have had the pleasure of working with Christiana on numerous occasions over the last few years. She is as smart as she is beautiful, as professional as she is friendly. She can pose on her own as well as take direction and is always both willing and wanting to try something new. The fact that she is a natural redhead is just the icing on the cake.”
Hyperfocal Images, London

“Christiana is the perfect combination of artist and professional. Something that truly impressed me was her politeness, manners, and a collaborative work ethic that is invaluable. Christiana raises the bar on what a photographer is to expect working with a premium model. I can not recommend her enough.”
NbOptics, Brantford

“Christiana was a real pleasure to work with. She was on time, and ready to go. She is easy to communicate with and is able to see the concepts I was describing with ease. She was able to work in every lighting setup I used with grace and elegance. I highly recommend her.”
Scotty Myers
Photographer, Phoenix

“I’ve worked with Christiana many times over the past few years in many different settings. She is an absolute favourite of mine. Along with being very adept at posing and professional in her approach , she is a beautiful young lady and a very pleasant person to spend time shooting with. The camera loves her.”
Whiskeybay Studios, Toronto

“I have the opportunity to work with Christiana and I just surprised, she is a fantastic model. She kept a good mood all the time, it was really easy to talk to her and give her suggestions about her posses during the photo session, she transmitted very well her beauty in my photos. I wish work with her again”
Juan Cosaco Ayala
Photographer, Montreal

“Christiana brings passion and commitment to each photo shoot. When we have worked together she was able to understand my vision and inspire me. Some of our collaborations resulted in published images and her photos have generated many positive comments. I can’t speak highly enough of her integrity, dedication and professionalism.”
John Lavoie
Photographer, Ottawa

“I have worked with Christiana Ouellette on several occasions. Christiana has been an absolutely delightful model to work with. Not only is she a very beautiful young lady, she’s also a lovely person. Bright, talented, caring and creative. Her passion for her art has helped me grow as a photographer and as a person. I’m honoured to be able to call her a friend. I highly recommend Christiana. This young lady is beautiful to the core.”
Bradley Cozens
Photographer, Brockville

“Christiana Ouellette has worked with me in the capacity as a life drawing model for many of my animation life drawing classes over the past few years.  She has always been very professional, respectful and punctual and has brought a great variety of poses and modeling experience to our classroom and art studio environment.  Christiana also takes direction very well and is always eager to try new and fun poses that work well for our respective industry. 

I wish her well and hope she continues to explore and push her passion for modeling as she furthers her career on this artistic journey.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any further insight to my experience working with Christiana.”
Jeff Amey
Animation Professor, Algonquin College

Christiana Ouellette has been a life model in my drawing class for the past three years for numerous sessions. I rely upon her for strong poses, held well for their durations.

My class is different from classic life drawing, which is Christiana’s forté, and she has proven versatile to manage my more dynamic needs for illustration.

As such, Christiana is a regular member of my model rotation.”
Geof Isherwood
Animation Professor, Algonquin College

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