Hello, my name is Christiana Ouellette. I was born in Hull, Quebec where I lived for the first year of my life before my family moved to Ottawa, Ontario. I wanted to become a model ever since I knew what modelling was. I would dress myself up to do fashion shows for my parents.

In 2008, I signed with a local modelling agency that started my modelling journey at the youthful age of 15 years old. I was a high school student who was on the honour roll, worked full time hours at my part time job, and modelled part time. My training entailed runway lessons, acting lessons, and self-taught posing.

My modelling adventure broadened when I signed with Toronto and Montreal modelling agencies before high school graduation in 2011. I graduated from St. Paul Catholic High School as an Ontario Scholar on the honour roll in the same year. I received the parenting class medal and the Chartwell’s Award for perseverance, determination, and academic excellence. I decided to take a two year break from school to focus on my goal of becoming an international model.

In 2012, I took my first steps to becoming an international model by signing with an international scouting agency, an Istanbul modelling agency, and a Tokyo modelling agency. I had agencies all over the world, including New York City; Paris; Milan; Mexico City; and Beijing, interested in recruiting me. However, I began to see more of the fashion industry over time and made the personal decision to step away from its toxicity, as I saw my future heading in a different direction. After almost four years of experience in the fashion industry, I decided to use the skills that I have learnt to continue pursuing my passion as a freelance model later in the year. At this point of time, my life was shifting since I was accepted for the law program at every university that I applied to.

I had to decide which university I was going to attend for law studies. I decided to stay local where I was a full time university student, part time employee who worked full time hours whenever I had the chance, and part time freelance model for the first three years of my studies. I chose to undertake studies in psychology as well when entering my second year of university. 

When the last year of university was approaching, I knew I had to cut down on the activities that I was doing to be able to dedicate enough time to my thesis. I was obviously not going to stop attending university, so this activity was out of the question. I am passionate about modelling and being a model is part of my identity, which meant that I could not stop modelling, even if it was for only one school year. I made the difficult decision to walk away from my part time job and pursue modelling full time just before my last year of studies in 2016.

I graduated Carleton University on the Dean’s List with a High Distinction in the Bachelor of Arts and Honours program with a double major in law and psychology in 2017. I received an entrance scholarship where I managed to maintain high grades for renewal each year, the Captus Press Award for 2015/2016, the Goldstein Law Award for 2016/2017, and a Senate Medal for outstanding academic achievement.

I managed to cover all my bills with the income I earned from my part time job while I was in university. I also managed to save what I made from modelling to pay off my student loans right after graduation. I am very honoured to be able to pursue my passion as a career and have the opportunity to travel while doing so.

A Little More About Me

I am a model living in Ottawa with 12 years of experience. I am always looking to broaden my networks. I do my own make-up and hair for most of my bookings. I will arrive at bookings with a natural look using foundation, concealer, and mascara, unless otherwise stated. Although, I never refuse being pampered by a make-up artist and hairstylist.

My hair will either be natural, straightened, or curled depending on what I feel is suitable for the concept. Please ensure to inform me whether you have a specific make-up look or hairstyle that you want to capture before the booking. I am good with make-up and hair. However, please keep in mind that I am not a make-up artist or hairstylist.

I suggest hiring a make-up artist or hairstylist if the make-up look or hairstyle are difficult to accomplish or central to the concept. I will bring a portable make-up kit and hair products to all bookings for any needed touch ups or change of looks. I have a hairstylist in Ottawa who provides me with hairstyles for most of my local bookings. She will sometimes travel with me to locations in Ontario and Quebec to provide her services. She is very talented with a broad range of hairstyling skills specializing in braids and updos. I will do all the work to book her if you would like her services for our booking.

I have a fresh, unique look with an hourglass shaped body. I am tall with beautiful, thick, and long red hair. I have green eyes that change colours between green, blue, grey or any combination according to my mood or surroundings. I am super friendly, fun, and easy going to work with.

I pose confidently and am comfortable with any concept, as long as it is tasteful. I am a full time international model because modelling is my passion. I live and breathe for my art! I give every booking my 100%, as commitment is important to me.

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