About Me

Although modelling is my speciality, I began exploring photography in September 2017.  I decided to pursue photography as a hobby after I fractured my foot and was forced to take a recovery break from modelling in August 2017.

I always had an interest in photography. When I was younger, I saved money I made from my part time job to buy a digital camera which I brought with me to photograph all family events, vacations, etc. Prior to that, I bought lots of disposable cameras, which helped me develop an eye for composition. However, I never actually tried to pursue my interest in photography.

It was the perfect time to acquire a real camera to explore the other side of the lens! Photography got me out of the house after being cooped up to recover from my injury, and challenged me to learn how to walk again once I was allowed to put weight on my foot in the recovery process. It was rewarding to return to the artistic world!

Even though I am on the other side of the camera as a photographer, I feel photography has and will continue to help me grow as a model since I gain knowledge from a different perspective that I can incorporate into modelling. I love creating contrasty and colourful images! I tend to capture a vibrant artistic or surreal expression in my photography.

Photography Gallery

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