Booking Terms

Terms and Limitations

These booking terms are intended to set out the business terms, conditions, and limitations of our modelling engagement to ensure that our interactions from the onset to the end of the booking are professional, mutually beneficial, and free from any misunderstanding that would affect our artistic working relationship.

My portfolio is a useful tool to understand my comfort levels. My portfolio can be seen under the “portfolio” tab. The password to my nude work will be provided to artists who are enticed to book me and have requested to see it. I am not available for bookings that require pornographic or objectified sexual imagery. I will not model for content that captures the crotch with visible labia and/or vulva, masturbation, and/or anything that is targeted towards gratuitously, sexually stimulating viewers.

I do not give permission for photos of me to be used for anything pornographic, anything related and/or similar that has sexually objectifying imagery. In terms of duo, trio, or multiple model bookings, I am open to posing with fellow female models. I am not comfortable actually kissing or doing anything beyond fake kissing with other models. I have a strict no touching policy for all bookings, besides the agreed upon comfort levels made with fellow models for duo, trio, or multiple model sessions.


My rate for non-commercial bookings is $150 an hour for all modelling genres. I prefer to have a two hour minimum for any booking, but I may agree upon one hour bookings in certain situations. My half day rate is $500 for four hours and full day rate is $900 for eight hours of any modelling genre. I require a break to eat and re-energize during bookings longer than a four hour half day. I will ask for an additional $50 an hour for each extra photographer participating in the booking. I am open to special considerations. I require content from bookings that I have agreed upon a negotiated rate, as part of my payment. I will not accept further negotiations to receive content from bookings, and non-delivery of the content will result in a bill at my normal rates. I appreciate honesty throughout all interactions. Any dishonesty will result in a termination of the working relationship.

I require a 25% nonrefundable deposit to secure any booking and the remaining 75% is due before the booking ends. I accept cash, etransfers, and PayPal payments. I will not accept cheque payments. Discounted rates are available for artists who are looking to paint or draw me from life without reference photos. I advise any artist who needs further information in regards to my rates to directly contact me.

I am passionate about creating artwork and advocating for good causes, such as same-sex campaigns, free the nipple movements, etc. I am not interested in giving a sexualized show to artists or viewers. I advise any artist who needs further clarification in regards to my boundaries to contact me.

Cancellation Policy

For bookings outside of Ottawa, I require 50% of the agreed upon fee when an artist cancels within seven days of the booking. I also require the full fee if the cancellation is within 72 hours of the booking. For bookings inside Ottawa, I require the full fee if the cancellation is within 24 hours of the booking. I may waive the cancellation fee the first time if we are able to reschedule for a date within four weeks, but be wary that this may not be possible with my traveling schedule.

Other Considerations

The booking must start and end at the scheduled time, and there will be no time alterations for an artist who arrives late. Any artist who wants to increase the scheduled booking time must pay my rates for the extra requested time and must tell me in advance, as it may not be possible with my availability. A last minute booking extension will depend on whether my schedule permits the time.

If we are planning to do an on-location booking, then I recommend having a backup indoor location. I am fine with outdoor bookings, including artistic nudes, in weather that is at least 15ºC/60ºF. If the temperature is lower, then I must be wearing wardrobe which is appropriate for the conditions. I am comfortable modelling in any season as long as the weather is humanly endurable, but arrangements for artistic nudes must be discussed beforehand such as allotting a small amount of the booking time for it. Any cancellations due to weather will still result in a cancellation fee. All on-location artistic nude bookings must have a reasonable expectation of privacy, especially in areas where it is illegal to even be topless. I will not incur fines or any legal penalty.    

I still require the agreed upon fee when the artist chooses to end the booking early or to decrease the scheduled time since I am relying on it to cover nonrefundable expenses, such as Airbnbs; hotels; flights; tour buses; etc. I need to be advised at the time of scheduling the booking if my hair, face, and/or any part of my body will get wet and/or covered in any substance, such as baby oil, mud, paint, etc. I will not allow the application of any toxic or dangerous substance on my body. I must be advised whether any artist wants me to pose with another model, as I am selective about with whom I will pose. I require the artist’s location and a link to their work to solidify any booking.

Remote Bookings

All of the booking terms listed above are applicable to remote bookings as well as in-person bookings. Please refer to the “remote booking” tab for further information in regards to virtual sessions. 

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